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Our History

Burtch Construction is primarily engaged in the business of fine grading, paving and the spreading of petroleum and non-petroleum based products. 

Since 1968, Burtch Construction has had one goal. To provide each customer with the products and services that meets their needs and expectations. We apply that same philosophy to our asphalt rejuvenating, fog sealing, road oiling and dust control services. Over the past thirty plus years, we have seen many changes in products, techniques and equipment. Every time a new product has proved it could benefit our customers, Burtch Construction has embraced it.

Today we have a complete line of petroleum and non-petroleum based materials in response to our customers’ desire for a wide range of inexpensive, environmentally safe products. Our product line includes petroleum based products such as road oils (SC-70, SC-250, SC-800), soil stabilizers (Topein S, Coherex), fog seal emulsions (SS1H, CSS1H), and asphalt rejuvenators (Topein C, Reclamite, Liquid Gold). Our product line also includes non-petroleum-based dust control products such as soil stabilizers (Dust Off, Raybinder). 

We maintain a complete fleet of BearCat Computer-Controlled Distributor Trucks and Bulk Transport Trucks to meet our customers’ needs. Our Distributor Trucks range in size from 1200 gallons to 3500 gallons with 4000 gallon trailers. The application equipment we operate today is state of the art, so each time we apply a product, the customer will know his/her requirements were placed precisely and accurately. All products are placed in accordance with Federal, State, County and City Specifications.

The technical expertise of our staff is second to none, so we can extract the maximum performance and value each time we perform our service. Just as we have throughout our long involvement in product distributing, Burtch Construction is prepared now to respond to the emerging issues that each of us must deal with as we enter a new century.

Dennis Andrew Burtch

November 19, 1950 – July 24, 2011

Local native and lifetime resident Dennis Burtch unexpectedly and tragically succumbed to injuries suffered in an ATV accident on July 24, 2011. Together with a close friend, Dennis was checking his beloved property and livestock (a favorite activity) when he lost control and the vehicle crashed. Initially he was aware and at peace, but by the time emergency medical responders arrived, he was pronounced dead, joining his son Jacob in eternity.

He is survived by his childhood sweetheart and loving wife of 41 years, Linda, his daughter, Brenn McGowan, and son-in-law, Steve McGowan; his daughter, Brooke Curran, and son-in-law, Patrick Curran. Two grandchildren, Peyton McGowan and William Curran, brought him joy and hope for the future. Friends, far too numerous to mention, are stunned and mourn the passing of this seemingly indestructible man.

How many hats can a man wear well? One can only aspire to the example set by Dennis: dutiful son, loving husband, father, grandfather, business owner, employer, partner, mentor, friend, outdoorsman, horseman and rancher. The list goes on, but to each of those varied roles Dennis brought a unique dedication and enthusiasm. The sound of his contagious laughter and his ever present smile will long linger in our memories of him in each of those varied settings. 
Dennis was blessed with many loyal employees. The family wishes to thank them all for Dennis. They are family. It is with their capable help that Dennis’ business efforts, highlighted by Burtch Construction, proved successful beyond his father’s dreams. With that success Dennis was able to continue and improve on the work he and his dad were so proud of on the Jack Ranch and its cabin.  He graduated from North High and Cal Poly SLO. While certainly of a size to be a football star, his gentle spirit held him in check on the field. He remained that “gentle bear” throughout his life.

He loved outdoor adventures and frequent hunting and fishing trips from Alaska to Mexico and beyond.  Stories from those trips filled many a space with Dennis’ laughter.

Dennis was a proud and dedicated member of the Los Flojos Camp and the Rancheros Vistadores. As Camp Captain, his efforts and equipment (along with Linda’s cooking) contributed significantly to the completion of the permanent Los Flojos Camp.  Many a Maverick will remember the physical presence of “silver back” Dennis. He was a loyal friend, but beyond that Dennis was willing to befriend all.  Whether during bright times or dim Dennis was always reaching out to help others. This help was granted with a generosity untainted by any expectation of return.

Through the years Dennis and Linda’s affection for each other continued to grow. Friends witnessed and marveled that their love never grew old. The past year saw them create their mutual “bucket list” and they were off visiting four countries and several special places in the United States.  Only Linda knows what remains undone.

For Dennis life was a grand and joyous adventure to be embraced with relish and shared with others. Something in his spirit amplified the moment for those around him. Memories are brighter and stronger when Dennis was involved. He was truly one of the “good guys” and a man’s man in the best sense. Friends recall that photographs of the grandchildren where always displayed by Dennis. Perhaps it is the greatest tragedy that his grandchildren will not grow up with him as a living model.  For all who had the reward of knowing him, life will be far less comfortable knowing that Dennis is no longer there to cover our backs.  Goodbye for now “Papa Moo.”