Burtch Construction

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License #686970


  • Rough grade building pads, building sites, sub-divisions and shopping centers.
  • Fine grade in preparation of asphalt paving.


  • Streets, parking lots, shopping centers, office and apartment complexes.


  • Fog seal emulsions (SS1H, CSS1H), and asphalt rejuvenators (Topein C, Reclamite, Liquid Gold) on new asphalt, asphalt patching and slurry sealing and restriping, and asphalt capping, chip sealing on roads and parking areas.

Oil Spreading:

  • Our product line includes petroleum based products such as road oils (SC-70, SC-250, SC-800) and soil stabilizers (Topein S, Coherex). Our product line also includes non-petroleum-based dust control products such as soil stabilizers (Dust Off, Raybinder).

Concrete Curb & Gutter